Jan's BEST Corgis!!!
Reasons NOT to Buy A Corgi!

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As crazy as I am about Corgis....they are not for everyone!

ALL Puppies piddle, bite, scratch, chew your shoes, and sometimes whine...

they are babies!!!

It is YOUR job to gently teach them good manners!!!


REASONS NOT to Buy A Corgi:

****You do not have an "emergency" fund for Vet bills....****

Corgis cost between $1000 to $2000 per year to keep healthy.....

sometimes there is illness or emergencies!!!

...You want a "robot" dog that minds you 100% of the time.

NOT a Corgi!!!

...You are a Drama Queen and rush your dog to an Emergency Vet

at the first sign of a flea or worm...

Dogs pick up fleas and worms when you walk them in public places!!!

...You HATE dog hair in your house or on your clothes.

Corgis SHED 2x a year....a LOT!!!

(2x a yr....January thru June and July thru December!!!)

...You think you are smarter than a Corgi.

You are in for a RUDE awakening!

You want a dog as a buddy to your older dog, to play, share his toys...

Corgi Mantra:  MINE, Mine, Mine!!!  Corgis do not always share nicely!

You want a nice polite puppy who is easy with your kids.

Corgis are herding dogs...

they will trip you, nip your heels,toes, and fingers, and "herd" your children!!!

If ANYONE in the house or a Landlord is opposed to dogs...

You are NOT going to win them over by getting the puppy anyway.

If any one of these sound like you.....DO NOT BUY A CORGI!!!

You are a free spirit who delights in watching babies learn about their World.
You love snuggling with your puppy as the newest member of your family.
You love carefully choreographing your training techniques...
....with patience and ingenuity!
Dog hair is just another part of the GRAND experience of being owned by a Corgi!
You could watch a puppy play or even sleep.....for hours!!!
You decorate with puppy toys strewn around the house.
You are intrigued by "the Gator Roll" as you try to leash train your puppy!!!
You love the little clown antics of a chubby puppy.
You are MESMERIZED as your BEST Corgi...
...becomes your whole World!!!

"Go see the rest, but Buy the BEST!!!"