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"Go see the rest, but ...BUY the BEST!!!"

Bringing Puppy Home!

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"Go see the rest, but Buy the BEST!!!"


When you bring your new Puppy home...PLEEEEEZ....

don't introduce too many "new" experiences for a few weeks....

these are BABIES!!!

No beaches, dog parks, Pet stores, public crowds, etc. 

until pup is 4 months old and HAS HIS RABIES and BOOSTER SET OF SHOTS!!!

Several people have asked for TIPS on preparing to bring their new puppy home, so here are a few of my
BEST tips:

Make arrangements to see or
pick up your puppy
at least 24 hrs in advance.
Make sure you have a date
AND a specific time.
to visit any available puppies
when puppies are 8 weeks old


BEST Tip # 1
Buy a Crate.....
Plastic or Wire,
big enough for adult Corgi.
Crate-train puppy NOW.
Puppy feels secure and is SAFE.
Puppies do not know the difference
between new toys and an electric cord!
........Or your BEST shoes!


Do You have any BEST Tips?
I will be glad to share any
that I think might benefit
New Corgi Owners. Thanks!

Does your puppy NIP when you
try to pet it?
Try offering a CHEW TOY as a
distraction while you calmly
stroke puppy. Keep the mouth busy
and it cannot bite/nip. Rope toys
work great!!!


BEST Tip # 2
First day, take puppy outside every hour on the hour.
Second day, take puppy out every two hours.
Third day, take puppy out every 3 hrs or as needed.
Puppies have very tiny bladders, so minimum of a potty break every four hours is mandatory.
Every day, take puppy out upon awakening, 10 minutes after he/she eats, and right before bedtime.
Your Corgi puppy will be housebroken and will begin to alert you to need to go outside. Take him out quickly!!!

BEST Tip of ALL:
LOVE your Awesome,
Adorable Puppy!!!

Every time your puppy
has a growth spurt,
his ears will go UP and
DOWN, Up and Down, until
one day they will stay UP.
This is NORMAL.
Ears should NOT be taped!!!
Heavy-boned pups may take a tad longer...
but need no artificial devices to make them go up.


BEST Tip # 3
Provide your new puppy with...
.Fresh water at all times.
.A Quality puppy food.
.A couple of treats each day.
More Love.
.A rawhide or toy to chew on.
.Your attention.
.A "spot" or place to call his own...his crate?
.Lots of LOVE.
.Enough exercise to use up some energy.
.BASIC Obedience lessons.
.More LOVE.

1.Never leave a puppy in the car unattended...
even for a few minutes...heat kills.
2.Never exercise your dog in extreme heat...
early morning or late evening is good.
3.Worm once every month.
4.Use Frontline Plus or Advantage Flea Meds
once every month...
...or Revolution, even better!!!
Trifexis or Bravecto is BEST....
..kills worms, fleas, heartworm, mites
...all in one!!!
5.Get annual vaccinations on schedule.
6.Keep Fresh Water available both inside and outside
at all times.

BEST Tip # 4
.A trip to your Veterinarian.
Your puppy has his first puppy shots
and has been Vet-checked by my Veterinarian.
Let your Veterinarian meet your puppy
while he's healthy to provide baseline data
to better assist your Vet in providing the
BEST of care when your puppy is sick.

The STRESS of changing homes will sometimes

make a puppy with immature immune system

vulnerable to Giardia, Coccidiosis, or Parvo. 

Any sign of frequent/repeated vomiting or smelly diarrhea should be seen

by your Veterinarian immediately!!!

I have medicated pups against all 3 before they leave my house, so the day they leave, they are negative.

P.S.  After pup has left my possession, Breeder will NOT be responsible for Vet Bills regarding these exposure issues.



Last Tip:
If you have a question...
ASK!!! Call your breeder
or your Veterinarian and
ASK away! We want to help!!!