Jan's BEST Corgis!!!
How to Pay!!!

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ONLY by Email!!!
NOT by FACEBOOK/Messenger or Phone!!!
.......Email me ONLY .
.......with Full name, address, and phone included.
....... I will send pictures of available puppies when they are 8 weeks old.
.......request Appointment to PickUp that Chosen Puppy.
Must supply full name, address, and phone #
I will respond by phone with Appointment information.

.....Show up ON TIME for APPOINTMENT with dog carrier and CASH. 
If more than 20 minutes late, Deal is cancelled and PUPPY will be forfeited and sold to next buyer!!! 
                                            NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
(My days of tolerating inconsiderate people are OVER!!!)
.....Examine Chosen Puppy and FL Health Certificate.  
Take 30 minutes to assess puppy...discuss any concerns.
.....ONLY when ACCEPTABLE,   Pay me in CASH.
                                           (No more BAD checks!
Bad bills or fraudulent cashiers checks/money orders!!!
                                           I WILL PROSECUTE!!!)
....Take your GORGEOUS, intelligent, adorable puppy home!!!
At Pickup time....All Monies Due in CASH ONLY!!!
NO Cash, No Puppy,
NO Excuses, 
No Exceptions!!!
All Puppies will be sold as Companion Pets Only.
Must be spayed/neutered
after purchase at your expense

Email me at ........     jan@jansbestcorgis.com

Florida Law does NOT allow Breeders

 to sell puppies before they are

8 weeks old andhave their FL Health Certificate! 

So new procedure............

No more RESERVING puppies!!!!

It shall be "CASH and CARRY" when they are 8 weeks old

and have their FL Health Certificate.


    The trick to getting a Puppy from me is....

  Do NOT "Text" or Fax me. I do NOT sell pups via

Facebook/Messenger or by phone!!!  I sell by Email request ONLY!!!  And I read Emails ONLY.

       Use ONLY ....   jan@jansbestcorgis.com   for all emails. 

  You will CHOOSE your BEST puppy via

   Internet/email/website pictures on or after  8 weeks of age,

         (there is no "Visit to Pick a Puppy"...don't even ask!!!)

ALL puppies are sold as Companion Pets ONLY....

      ...NOT for Show or Breeding!!!



Do not contact me until you have talked to your spouse, significant other, mother, etc and are ready to make a definite commitment....

I am NOT patient and if another inquiry comes in,

that puppy will be SOLD!!!