Jan's BEST Corgis!!!
Your Breeder!!!

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"Go see the rest, but Buy the BEST!!!"


 "The happiest of people don't necessarily          

 HAVE the best of everything;
They just make the BEST of everything they have."


This is THE Free Tour......

it is a 2 minute Tour that you may enjoy from the comfort of your couch....

when you pick up your BEST puppy at 8 weeks old,

this is what you will see in person!!!


Yard is a fenced Acre for lots of running with Granddaddy Oaks galore for shade!!!
This is my "Magical" place!!!  Remember reading a book called "Green Mansions" when
I was a kid....this is how I pictured it.  Surrounded by miles of Forest in every direction.
Every dog is given minimum of 1 hour each day of playtime with balls, frisbees, tug ropes
or supervised running/exploring time with friends.......split into 3 or 4 sessions.
I believe that "Exercise cures all evils!"


Outside daytime kennels are up off the ground for cleanliness.

All Dogs come indoors at nite (or intense weather...too hot, too cold, rainy) to protect them from nocturnal forest creatures

......into Central Heat/AC for comfort,

......fed separately to monitor intake,

.......and given soft beds to sleep.



Whelping and Puppy pens are indoors and kept clean...with lots of toys to play!
Grammy "scoops the poop" ASAP and shavings are changed completely
every 3 days, pools are Cloroxed and Sundried before next use.
This room is offlimits for visitors when baby puppies or pregnant Moms are present.


My home is not the Taj Mahal...or even an expensive house,

it is simple and modest and comfortable...it is MY Mansion!!! 

House is clean and organized....most of the time.................I do have Corgis!!!

*****And when you receive an invitation....

YOU are WELCOME to visit. 

Puppy buyers ONLY.......

*****Visitors NOT allowed to visit puppies BEFORE vaccinations at 8 weeks old!!!

.......I am NOT Sunday afternoon's FREE entertainment!!! 

Puppy Buyers only.

Soooo....."Go see the rest, but
Buy the BEST!!!"