Jan's BEST Corgis!!!

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Answers to most questions are HERE...on this website.

READ it entirely before contacting me....

and THANKS for choosing Jan's BEST Corgis!!!

Any emails asking questions that are obviously

answered on my website will be DELETED!!!

Website updated the instant there's a change!!!

Have instituted auto reply email.....read emails every few days.

If you are serious about wanting one of my puppies, follow directions explicitly.....

The ONLY time I will respond to an email is on Puppy SALE DATE!!!

I do not give unfair advantage to anyone!!!


 to the questions you have asked....

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1.  Does the purchase price include spaying or neutering?
          Spaying /Neutering is done by YOUR Veterinarian at YOUR expense.
2.  How much to ship my puppy to me in (any) state?
         AHA!  You have NOT read my entire website!  
           NO shipping...ANYWHERE.
3.  When can I come visit the puppies?
          Over my DEAD body!   Different Germs can easily make my puppies or pregnant Mommas sick and I could potentially lose every puppy!  The Herpes virus will definitely cause a new MommaDog to lose her first litter....every time!  Not gonna' happen!  
4.   Do you Health test your dogs?
             Some are, some aren't......I will Health Test ALL my dogs when it is required for every HUMAN to be health tested before bringing a child into this World.
5.   Do you guarantee your puppies' health?
              I guarantee that you will receive a Healthy, Vet-checked puppy with a Florida Health Certificate on the day it leaves here.   Beyond that, any suretys would be as valid as me guaranteeing that YOU will never get cancer, or be hit by a car!  I am Not God and cannot predict or control anything outside my immediate responsibilities.  Get Real!
6.   I am following a checklist of questions to ask Breeders.....
            Say no more, most of the checklists are written by idiots that have NEVER experienced the daily tasks or the heartbreaks of REAL Breeders who know what it is to lose an entire litter from trying to appease some jackass who wants to "pick my puppy in person".....and brought in Parvo!!!  Or Herpes!  Or Coccidia!  Do your research from honest breeders who have done everything possible to PROTECT their puppies and present a Healthy, well-adjusted, vibrant little bundle of Love to YOU!
7.   Why are you sooooo rude?
          I am OLD and CRANKY.....
             I like dogs much better than people.....
             After 55 years as a Dog Breeder, I no longer put up with the BullShit that some people spread!
             I don't have time to waste on people who do not "get it!"
             I have found that people will smile to your face and then BASH you with untruths online!!!
             I try to be extremely transparent....I will explain why I don’t give AKC papers.
             I will explain why I no longer health test every puppy.  
             .....Wannabeme breeders use this one to BASH me on social media...
             ......let my record of 100s of healthy, vibrant, intelligent puppies speak for itself!!!
                   I try to always do the right thing.....if that is not good enough...
             ....then you need to go somewhere else to buy a puppy.....
             ....with my silent Blessing!!!